Very slow to process multiple bodies

I’ve made this threaded design successfully but found it is extremely slow to process the subtraction with multiple bodies (over 100) at the same time, is there any better way to make this design quickly?

@charleszhai I’m in the same situation.
I did the same thing with cross knurling and it was taxing on the software.
I went about it pretty much the same way you did, so I’m also interested in a possible better way.

Boolean operations are very complex and expensive. Shapr3D’s underlying engine (Parasolid) provides state of the art boolean operations, but still, this is the best it can do :slight_smile: However in most cases booleans tend to be almost real time, which is incredible.

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Thanks. But the design size is very large (200MB with shapr file, 80MB with step file), it is very slow to load in Keyshot and other software. I’ve already deleted the thread bodies.
Is this improvable?

Yes, just use Parasolid (X_T) instead of STEP. It will be much faster, and more reliable.