Slow processing/loading - I've tried whats on other posts

I have a Microsoft surface 16gb Intel(R) Core™ i7-8650U CPU @ 1.90GHz 2.11 GHz

but recently on two PCs its starting to time out for 3 secs when moving an item , fairly simple drawings. Is this the parametric update that means I need a higher spec

This is what ive tried below

Ive deleted off alot fo open projects which did help
Ive reinstalled etc
I have set priority high for program
I’ve deleted sketches that were irrelevant
Tried exporting the file and then loading into a new drawing

I do have some step files loaded from other files sent but dont think this should be issue

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I also notice that the program has become very slow - I even have the impression that it is getting slower month by month. I have a very fast computer, but I have already deleted many projects externally and tried to keep Shapr3D lean and clean. Unfortunately, the promised performance improvement is not kept with every update.
Creating a bottle or a simple model has nothing to do with work - Shapr3D is unfortunately becoming a pure hobby application.

Appears the issue is loading Step files, the size are far bigger than shapr files

Step usually has more info in it but is the most common file sharing format.

I’ll usually open a new project, import the step so it’s quick since there’s nothing else, then export as x_t, usually gets a smaller file size. Then import the x_t into the project.

Awesome, thanks, will gove that a go

Just did a test on my Surface 6 i5 8gig. I made 4 circular arrays with extruded twisted ovals, octogons, cones etc. each with boolean cuts on all objects 211 bodies and I am impressed how little lag there is. Boolean operation on there last array took about 5 seconds. CPU usage about 60 percent. Ram used 6.4 gigs. A little warm and email, browser running in the background. I did this before reading this post. Version 5.620.6941.0 #ae8fa4af

Did realsie we are on 6 for suface, love the laptops, but yeah makes sense, issue is a dupplicate simple forms for creating lighting designs sonthatvwill be why. If drawn in shaper it would be 10% that size

Still having issues with speed etc, anyone got suggestions, is it due to cloud loading? @Shapr3d

I must have missed this, but didnt realise on history you can delete, and merge, doing this has increased the speed lots

It’s only been possible for a few weeks.

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