View lock?

Hi. I’m uncertain whether this already exists, but if not, I guess it would be useful, at least as I from my perspective.

I found it annoying when I’m working on a certain view (front, top, etc.) making a sketch, and suddenly, I accidentally touch my mouse (I’m on a Mac or iPad) and change the view to, say top to perspective in the middle of a drawing.

I think that a lock button or something to lock the view you’re working on would be useful, so you won’t need to worry about changing it while drawing. The same thing happens in 3D view, you can change the point of view accidentally anytime.
It also applies to the use of a Wacom tablet, or the iPad.

I apologize if there’s already a way to do that, and maybe I don’t know it. Just please let me know.

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Thanks for the feedback, I’ve forwarded it to our product team.