Ability to Lock one view


I am using the App for tracing 2D plan, but while tracing using the Apple Pencil and the top view, the view sometime shifts to 3D view. Is there a way to lock the selected view like top veiw or front view etc…


Currently you can’t do that but that’s actually a good idea, I think we will implement it.


Thank you, I will look forward to seeing the update.


This is a superb idea for peoiple like me with slightly clumsy fingers!


Did this ever happen?

No, but we tweaked the 3D->2D gesture a lot since 2017. Is this still an issue for you?

Yes. If I am working in 2D it is far too easy for me to accidentally rotate my view on the “other” axis. Even if I am working in 3D there are times when I would like to do this

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I just want to tack on a note to say this response confused me. I admit I am still new to Shapr (and generally love it), but I can’t think of a feature in Shapr that would achieve the same end as this.

I am genuinely curious what you thought might have been a substitute

@Istvan still not implemented? this is literally the only thing keeping me paying 500$ a year for inventor. i cant not have a view lock for something that has touch input :frowning:

Hi @tiredprints , no it’s not - can you explain why you need this feature? Do you still accidentally move out from sketching mode? We tweaked that gesture a lot since then.

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I literally put this in the feature request section but didn’t see it in the ‘everything’ forum until now. Feel free to delete if staff doesn’t think it should be there.

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Is the feature, to lock view, still being considered?

Feature request: Lock View

Problems it solves: While in both macOS and iPadOS it is quite easy to go from sketch mode and accidentally get into “3D mode”. This is not as infrequent as you might believe, esp for those of us who have had decades of tendonitis. A lock feature would prevent this from happening since the very concept of Shapr3D is to use sketch planes as much as possible (and we do — it’s an awesome concept).

Problems it creates: None. While a user may FORGET that lock is on ("Why can’t I go into 3D mode?” I guarantee will be a common complaint) this can be somewhat negated by prominently featuring VIEW LOCKED on the screen. Contrast this to the current behavior where you may accidentally move the screen to, well, who knows, by accidental touch (or errant pet or what have you).

I spend an inordinate amount of time getting back into sketch mode because of the lack of this feature.


I agree with CannaSoftware. Being able to lock a view would be very helpful. I often use Adobe Illustrator to make rough drawings of components. Once I have them generally correct, I export them as *.png assets and then import those into Shape3D for modeling. As I’m tracing them I often get out a flat 2D view and thus my points aren’t where they ought to be.

Thanks for continuing to consider this.


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I have the same issue on both iPad and Mac (as I use Magic Mouse most of the time🙈). Allowing us to lock to one view will reduce so much annoyance sketching. Also it’d be good if we can lock and unlock view with keyboard shortcut.

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