View Lock

This has been brought up a few times going back to 2017 but I believe it needs to be re-visited. A button to lock the current view and zoom level.

I have a few projects that require me to create manuals for end users with assembly. This is done easiest and with the most clarity with the 3d model. The problem is touching the screen can change the view, zoom in, etc changing the way the model orientation and leading to a more jumbled look.

Being able to lock the view I could easily hide objects, move others, highlight specific bodies and maintain the same orientation through the steps for assembly and take screenshots to use in another program.

Having to take dozens of screenshots for specific assemblies while maintaining the same model orientation is extremely difficult as is. Other times this has been brought up, last time was 2022, it was said to be sent to the dev team. Hopefully this is instituted, would be a huge help. (I have at least 3 manuals to put together :joy:)


Same here, I keep coming back to check these threads in the hope that the Shap3r team do the promised update to include the ability to lock view.

I realise this is probably mainly an iOS user problem but it really spoils the user experience. I’m not an advanced user so I need to work in one plane and it’s so frustrating to find that my drawing has accidentally gone into another axis. I know it’s my fault but on iPad pencil it’s far too easy done.

Please please can we have a simple ‘lock’. I don’t need interface enhancements just a button. I know there may not be enough complaints about this but I really think it niggles more people than you realise. Also people appear to have been asking for literally years!