No architectural View Scale options?

I’m in the United States. I just completed an architectural drawing of a friend’s existing restaurant so he can submit the drawing (as required by the state) to ensure code compliance. When I export the drawing as a PDF there are no architectural options such as 1/8”=1’ or 1/4”=1’

I can’t even specify my own proportions for output such as 1/96th scale (same as 1/8”=1’) or 1/48th scale (which is 1/4”=1’)
I’ve been a user of Shapr3D for years and I can’t believe this functionality isn’t already built into Shapr3D. It seems to me that you’re missing out on the architectural market by not supporting that.
Any suggestions on how I can get a 1/4” scale drawing output, without having to purchase SketchUp for IPad?

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And SketchUp for iPad…which I also have a subscription for…is pretty awful. Shapr3D is MUCH better.

Although I really wish Shapr3D had Components like SketchUp. I’ve tried using folders, but I’m much more comfortable with Components.

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Yeah I just downloaded SkechUp for iPad today. It is indeed awful. And I say that as a former longtime desktop SketchUp user.
The Shapr3D beta with parametrics will in effect support instances. Somewhat comparable to SketchUp components. The beta still needs work but I see potential.

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Yeah, I’ve been using it since 2006 or so, and did the official SketchUp Toolbar videos for Google. The iPad version is just painful to use. Shapr3D’s implementation of navigating with fingers and drawing with the pencil is brilliant.

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Indeed Shapr3D is crazy fast. It’s so well thought out, that’s why I find it surprising that such a small simple thing as specifying a custom output scale, hasn’t been there from day one.

Speaking of Shapr’s remarkable capabilities, I did this video awhile back, showing how it can be used to make dynamic linkages. Which is something a lot of users may not know about.


@GJetson That is a very helpful video, thanks for posting it.

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You bet. I’m glad to help.
I hope you get a lot of good use out of this technique.

Yeah it’s a great capability and I’m surprised that Shapr3D doesn’t promote it more.
When I initially posted this video on the Shapr community site back when I made it, the Shapr3D founders were even a bit surprised.
If I remember correctly, it’s a capability of parasolid, which I believe Shapr3D licenses from Siemens.