Vinyl wrap for an improved Shapr3D workflow

Here are some renderings of a recent product I created, The RulerWrap. All models are designed by me in Shapr3D (minus the tablet) and then rendered in Keyshot. Last photo is the real life product after successfully being printed. Let me know what you think!

If you’re interested in this transparent vinyl wrap that converts the Apple Pencil into a convenient measuring tool, you can learn more here.


Oh, this is fantastic, I kept switching back & forth between a ruler and the pen the last time I designed something that had to fit around an existing object. And for me, the Apple Pencil needs some kind of a wrapper anyway as it’s just too slippery without it, and this is a great way to make it even more useful.

Do you think a similar approach would work for the Surface Pen or the Surface Slim Pen? I tend to use my Surface more these days. The additional challenges there are that those are not perfectly round and also that they have side buttons that the OS and apps actually use.


This is brillian :)……One could even laser engrave it on the flat sides of the apple pencil


Thanks for the feedback! This is exactly what urged me to make this, the back and forth from measuring device to Apple Pencil started to get annoying as it seemed every 2 minutes I had to grab my calipers. And the grip was too slick as well, so after testing 10 different finishes this slightly glossier finish increased the grip the most.

A set of calipers is the ultimate way to measure something of course, but if I’m running around the shop, at a cafe, or travelling I likely don’t have my calipers close by, so this is excellent for quick measurements.

I am currently making this for the surface slim pen as well, as it seems like that pen is preferred between the two? I’ve been considering making the switch to the surface ecosystem lately too. Curious, what colours would you like to see the numbers printed in?

Thank you! That’s interesting, I thought of that too, originally I wanted the markings to be on the flat edge, but with it on the curved edge of the pencil you can use the pencil as a flat edge when drawing on paper and still have the lines of the ruler actually visible and touching the paper. If the ruler markings are on the flat edge, they would be far away from the paper and then you can’t use that flat edge of the Pencil to draw a straight line, something I do quite frequently (hopefully that made sense).

Would you actually laser your pencil though?? :S

My laser also has a rotary table. So I could literally etch the flat side, and curved edges!


Kidding. I’m totally interested in this. :+1:t2:

ps: what’s with the octopus and motorcycle helmets?


LOL, yup this is really what I wanted, but figured a vinyl wrap would be an easier first step.

I actually custom designed the font to look like the font on my digital calipers :sunglasses:

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Oh and the octo helmet holder is just some artwork I did for motorcycle brand.

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I just ordered 2. :call_me_hand:t2::call_me_hand:t2:

I actually much prefer the normal, non-slim Surface Pen (it just sits better in my hand), but the future seems to be the Slim Pen, that’s what newer Surface devices like the Pro 8 or the Surface Studio Laptop are shipping with.

I’m not sure about the color. I’d want something contrasting for sure. I think re-using the darker grey on the non-slim pen would make sense and look great, but that’d limit the ruler to the lighter side, so something darker would work, too. For the slim pen, a basic white would look great IMHO.

Okay thanks for the feedback. I’ll make some of these for the regular Surface Pen as well, was thinking in white lettering since most of the pencils are darker in colour. Just need to get my hands on a regular and Slim 1 for measurements.

I got a chance to try the Slim Pen 2 today and it was wayy too small. No clue what they’re thinking. The tip was really nice and narrow, but its unusably small in my opinion.

Thanks for the input! Will update when Surface Pencil versions are available on IG, @rulerwrap

I got mine today.
Just a quick feedback:
Flip the metric

Now they are upside down of how I would use them…
Still usable, but not perfect.

Glad you received it and got it installed. Looks like a clean install! I made both measurements going the same direction so that you can also use it to do approximate conversions between mm and in.

In terms of flipping the metric, if you had spun the wrap by 180 deg then the metric would be the other way around (as shown). I use my stylus in the my right hand so I wanted to read the ruler from left to right at all times.


Got mine and installed it a little bit ago.
Looks great.
The glossy finish does grip better so that’s nice.

One thing… I wish I would have trimmed the ends to the “0” and “140” mark. The length of the sticker doesn’t give you much wiggle room between the areas where the pencil transitions off into the tip and top. I have about .5mm of the sticker too far towards the tip of the pencil so it’s not wanting to stick cleanly right at the end. Not a big deal though and barely noticeable.

All in all it’s pretty sweet. It’s gonna come in very handy.

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Valid feedback, thanks. I’ve made adjustments for this actually shortening up the Apple pencil sticker by almost 1mm already. If there are any areas that are lifting you can try briefly heating up that area of the sticker and then compressing it down and hold it for a good 30-60 seconds. With heat this vinyl can form a tighter wrap around the surface its already on and that might allow it to adhere to the bend near the tip of the stylus. Let me know if that helps.

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Good idea, I’ll give that a try.

Mine is on its way, i might even cut mine short just past the 125mm/5” part to be safe so i can just throw it on without having to worry about being too careful lining in up

There is room to trim almost 1mm from each end if you like. Not necessary, but this will give you more than enough wiggle room.

By the way, these wraps are also now available for the Microsoft Surface Pens (with no clip) and they look badass. Come in white and gray.