Voice control

As much as I love that your programm is getting more extensive almost each month I must admit that it gets more dificult selecting the right command on the iPad, as often times important commands, such as boolean actions are hidden in the “more” tab. Moreover the order is changing all the time, I know you tried to solve this with the new design (which I love btw) but I feel it is stilll not super user-friendly as one has to search hard for commands.

On the desktop version it is no problem as one can use the keyboard.

So did you try to implement voice control? I think this would be a great way of making the workflow on iPad incredible easy and super fast. Sure, under certain conditions this would not work (I´m imagining myself on the train talking to my iPad) but in most cases this would be just perfect.

Cheers from Berlin

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Hi @ilija , some of the buttons have indeed changed with the UI updated, but we rarely do this. I understand that it can cause some frustration initially. However we’ve made a few important functions, like Isolate and Section view more accessible. In the future we might make the UI more customizable, but we voice control is not on our roadmap at the moment.

+1 I was thinking about this too recently