Volkswagen Rim

Volkswagen Rim as my first design in Shapr3d.
if I wanna tell my opinion about Shapr3d I can say that it’s the most user-friendly CAD software which I have fallen in love with that!

Thanks for all of your supports
Mohammad Mohammadali


Wow ! you did that in first attempt ? :star_struck:

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yea :smiley:…that was my first design in shapr3d but I have had a lot of CAD designs in other apps before that.
Thanks for your motivational reply. :star_struck: :heart_eyes:

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Very nice! :clap: how do you like Shapr3D so far?

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First of all, I appreciate your attention, sir.

I don’t know if I can express my feelings right or not but in these 6 years that I use different CAD apps to share my imagination with others, between all these apps Shapr3d has something different and special in itself, something like a soul :star_struck: which helps you to work better and more enthusiastic… :star_struck:
it’s almost the most user-friendly CAD app that I have ever worked with and also you can design and convert your imagination to a 3d model as fast as possible.

I hope you and Shapr3d group the best wishes. @Istvan_CEO_Shapr3D

Thanks. :pray:


Very well said. I like to say “It’s the 3D drawing App for the rest of us”


yea…I agree with you. :+1: