Terrible user experience for iPad Pro

This app is pointless for the ipad user. I’m an architect for over 25 year, and I was looking forward to trialing this as a modeller tool for concept stuff and early design tests.

It’s in no way as intuitive or simple to use a SketchUp and will in no way replace it in my. You have to calculate all the dimensions, and get embroiled in working out things that you don’t want to at concept stage. For example, you cannot push a surface to align with another face without inputting an accurate dim - which defeats the purported of a concept.

The snap tools are awful and cumbersome, in no way helpful and just frustrating.

The user interface is terrible and over complicated, and feels like it controls itself sometimes.

It feels like the the bright spark developers assume architects will use this software to developers fully developed models for production information or tender. This is naive of the developer, and architects would not use such a app to develop such information, due to liability and lack of ability to share information.

I’ve asked for a refund on the my app and informed our staff of 30 staff that their subscriptions will not be reimbursed through the company as we see no value in it.

It feels like the app is trying to reinvent the wheel, or trying to replace hand sketching (no app will ever do that!).

Hi Rav,

Thanks for your feedback.

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I feel your message is pointless. This forum is for seeking help from other users. Not for whining about Shapr3D. Shapr3D is for people who think outside the box, and is redefining the user interface for 3-D modeling.

As a user of CAD systems for over 40 years, I have used almost every brand of CAD software there is. 3-D drawing is not for everybody. But Shapr3D is by far the easiest, and most intuitive user interface I’ve ever seen. I can hand my iPad to anyone who hasn’t drawn 3-D and tell them to draw circle like they were on a piece of paper, stretch it like they would a cylinder and everybody creates their object without any difficulty. Enjoy your sketchup.

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Tom, thanks, but I think it’s perfectly fine. I am sure that SketchUp has some areas where it’s much better than Shapr3D (for now) :slight_smile: Time to fix those issues. Better 3D snapping is on the roadmap for example for next year.


Shapr3d bros been generous enough to let you on trial for 2 weeks.

You can’t fault them if you miss out the opportunity to cancel your subscription if you don’t like the app.

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That’s great Tom. So pointless you felt obliged to comment.

Not sure what you mean by ‘thinking’ outside the box?!? I do that for my chosen profession, the last thing I want to be doing is trying to work out how to use an ‘intuitive’ app!

Will enjoy sketch up, enjoy the tutorials on nuts and bolts!

Rav, I am really sorry to hear that Shapr3D didn’t work out for you. Check back in a few months, we are delivering new features every 2 weeks. I hope sometime later you will find Shapr3D as good or even better than SketchUp. Meanwhile any suggestions on how to improve Shapr3D to live up to your expectations are welcome. For example 3D snapping that you missed is coming in Q1/2021.

With all due respect, I think you are conflating your own familiarity with intuitiveness. I’ve used SketchUp intermittently for 10 or 15 years, yet I still found Shapr3D to be easy to use and at least as intuitive as SketchUp or F360 or anything else.

Certainly, SketchUp is a more mature application (but far from perfect IMHO) but Shapr3D has steadily improved over the years at a pretty impressive pace.

And frankly, on the iPad at least, it is the only game in town. The SketchUp web interface is painful and inefficient and doesn’t properly utilize the (game-changing) Apple pencil. Nothing else available on a tablet even comes close to its capabilities.


With all due respect Steve, given you’re a retired software engineer, and have never used CAD professionally, I fail to see how you can comment on my review for the architectural profession in the UK.

But I guess you have your reasons.

If you like cloud based CAD that’s your thing.
For me it’s an A+ for having the mobility and being offline just thinking about what I’m doing.

I’m not here to convince you.

But you have no right to sign up to forum just to talk trash because you forgot to unsubscribe before they charge you.

Plus I’m getting needless emails on the subject because of you :slightly_smiling_face:

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OK folks, closing this topic now. No need to insult anyone. @Rav if you could give us some feedback (my email is istvan@shapr3d.com) on how to make Shapr3D better for you, that would be amazing. :slight_smile: