Autocad versus shapr3d

Hello to all,
I have a short question: is whorty to use Shapr3d if i use autocad since 20 years,?
I tried today to draw a simple building but….seems that this software is …weird.
My first ideea was to draw quiker…but seems impossible.
What is your advice???

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I’ve used autocad for several years and shapr3d for about 3 years. I can say with confidence that Shapr3D is ALOT quicker for simple drawings. Depending on the complexity of a model, my workflow entail initial modelling in Shapr3D and then if i need functions not in Shapr3D, i simply export the step file to do further editing.

For me, I use AutoCAD for large-scale engineering, blender for rendering/animation and Shapr3D for everything else.

Further, I think Shapr3D is the undisputed best on-the-go cad program. So if you want to work on your ipad, Shapr3D is a no-brainer.

Lastly, if you know how to use AutoCad then I believe you will learn the basics of Shapr3D in no time.

Hope that helps!