Using Files with Shapr3d

This is not a cry for help but I am wondering if anyone has had similar experiences.

First and foremost it would be nice to hear how many S3Ders are using Files in their workflow.

Personally I have changed my workflow drastically since incorporating the Files feature.

One shortfall, reported to Apple, is a problem with Search.
I have two .shapr Files residing in a known Folder that in turn resides in another higher level Folder.
When entering the .shapr FileNames in Files Search Bar the two results pop up under the Focus of Recent. Shift the Focus to iCloud Drive and again up pop the two Results. Again shift the Focus to the ‘Higher Level’ Folder mentioned above the Result returned is ‘No Results’.
By navigating to the ‘Known Folder’ mentioned above, that Folder becomes a Focus Option. As previously the Results are returned for all except this latest Focus Folder.
This is repeatable every time.

I would be interesting to learn if anyone else has had a similar experience.

The lack of response to the above seems rather strange since the improvement to Filing under iPad OS was touted by Apple as being a major step forward with the iPad?

I have also found that in Files > Column View > tapping briefly on a .shapr File opens an Option Window offering to ‘Open’ the respective File plus displaying Information:- Kind; Size; Created; Modified; Last Opened; Tags: Also with an Icon for ‘More’ [3 horizontal very small circles] offering Share; Copy; Duplicate; Move; Delete; Rename; Compress; Add people; Plus whatever may have latched on to this part of the system [mine had a Password manager in tow].
The above is not to be confused with a brief tap-hold gesture that brings up the Multiple Option Window that offers:
Copy; Duplicate; Move; Delete; Info; Quick Look; Tags; Rename; Share; Compress:

However the File Opening promised does not happen and like in List View the details of the Selected File appear in the Centre of the screen until ‘Done’ or ‘Send’ [?] image are used.

All in there seems to be a fair amount of duplication ensuring that there are always more than one way to complete every task?

Is there anything mentioned that needs action by Shapr3d, or do Apple need to advised of this situation?

In addition to:

It has been found that, e.g., working with Pages and Pages Files, that hitting a FileName Opens the respective Pages File in the Pages App.

It seems logical that hitting a .shaper File should open that File in

Please will a Member of the Shapr Team respond with a view to resolving this issue. Thank you.