Want to Design simple Cribbage Board Peg

I am trying to make just a cribbage peg like these, and for some reason I sketch it out in the measurements I wanted, then I did a Revolve and i get something totally different with a hole in it even…

Can i get someone to sho me how to do a simple cribbage peg, I would love the little separations in the top part also…

Screenshot 2023-02-03 at 11.54.13 AM

The resulting body of the revolve operation is based on the axis you are revolving around.

Your sketch is being revolved around the z axis in the modeling space.

Instead, try drawing a line down the center of your sketch, bisecting it.

Select one half of the peg sketch, then revolve that half around the center axis line that divided the sketch.

Hope this helps.

Just draw half of it. And rotate it. You’re rotating the full item.

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As for the separations, design them into the sketch you revolve as notches.

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Draw half and then revolve it. I’ve done a quick video that might help.

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Yes!, Great Idea! and it worked! Thanks…been awhile since i used Shapr3d

Thanks! i knew i forgot something duh, been awhile since i used shapr3d was really getting into it and a 10 month break off is not good…thaks MCD

Thank you so much! been awhile since I used shapr3d, i cannot take a 10 month hiatus…i forgot i had to draw half of it…Tahnks so much for the video!