Weird move tool upgrade and "calculator" use scenario

Since a couple of month, after a software update I noticed that the UI piece looking like a calculator that is used to move objects have a new behaviour.

ie before :

-I would type “-” then a value to move an object left and “” then a value to move right

ie now : The same sequence is moving the object right and right, and there is an additional step to validate the values entered.

The truth is that I’m getting mad with this and I’m not able to understand how it is supposed to work. The extra click sucks and I do not understant why a functional function have been changed for a non functional one.

I’m loosing time each time I want to move an object and I could drop my licence renewal of Shapr 3D if I cannot recover efficiency while designing. Why the F… did you change this behaviour?


The behaviour when the movement happened “right” and “right” regardless of the value was a bug which is already fixed in the newest version available. Good catch and thanks for reporting.

The one extra step you mentioned is part of the calculator behaviour, but if you use the “+/-” button to choose the direction of the movement then you can reach the desired goal faster. Check in this short clip below:

Another method to speed up this process is to directly input the value in the dimension label without opening the calculator, but that is only available if you use a keyboard or a desktop version. Let me know if it helped you getting back to an efficient workflow.


Thanks a lot for your answer, I was really getting mad and wondering why my learning curve did fall so deep :slight_smile:
In fact I didn’t notice the +/- Key before your vid was it displayed before like 3/4 months?
I will update tonight and enjoy the wonders of Shapr3D wich allowed me to 3D design.
And congrats for the reactivity of support

Awesome, I’m happy that is works out. Yes, the “+/-” button was there from the first calculator update, but we might need to tweak for a better discoverability. Thanks for sharing your feedback :slight_smile: