Is there a way i can pull up a calculator on my shaper screen on my iPad Pro………

I just found an app that does it……thanks

Hey Zecnarf,
are you willing to share your solution/workflow with us?
While I can put equations directly into Shapr3D on Windows via the, I am missing a solution on the iPad with Apple-Pen very much.
Cheers Matt

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This is exactly what I’m looking for. I was hoping for a simple calculator in the pop up imput,. + - x / That added to it would make it very easy with the Apple pencil.


Actually, we are actively working on adding the calculator functionality to the value input pop up. There is a chance that you will be able to try it during the next week :wink:


That is great news!


Went to the App Store, got a free calculator app, opened it then opened shapr3d, i slid up the screen, and then put my finger on the calculator app then drug it up slowly, at this point it floats on the screen, and you can hold it down with your finger again , and then slide it off screen………you swipe where you put it off screen to open it again.

Hey Zecnarf,
Thank you for making the video.
Thats basically the same as using an external calculator - an integrated solution will make our lifes easier!
I am very eager to see what the Shapr3D-Calculator will look like.
Good night everybody.

The time has come, if you update to the newest version you can try the calculator:


Im always amazed at the new features every few weeks, this update did not disappoint……the calculator/measurement features make drawing much more fluid. What is also nice is that Shaper3d apparently has a keen understanding of presenting its features in such a way that makes the complex simple………you don’t have to learn anything with shapr3d, you just start using the feature, and you intuitively know how it works. I design complex mechanical assemblies that are simple to operate……………my main focus is on simplification the assembly and the user interface, but that is really hard to achieve, complicated is much easier. Because of this, i have tremendous respect for Shapre’s approach to simplify……Shapr3d is the future of CAD.