What can make filetting fail?

While trying Shapr3D on a small 3D design project (a snap buckle) I sooner or later always come to a point when filetting an edge ends with a message “Failed”. I tried to reproduce the cases on simplified objects but that did not work (fileting in similar situation succeeded)

What can make filetting fail, and how can I avoid it?

I can send the exported project (I use the non-Pro version of Shapr3D so I can export to medium quality STL only) with steps I took to create the design.


Screenshots would be helpful. Unfortunately a lot of things can make filleting fail, broken geometry, too many edges meeting in a single vertex, etc. But we are working on making filleting much more robust.

Hi Istvan,

I attached a screenshot of the situation. The edge marked with the label “0 mm” is the one that fails.


Well, that one should definitely not fail :expressionless: @Tamas_Shapr3D can you help in this?

Hi, please contact me on tamas@shapr3d.com and I’ll help you sort this out! Thanks