Upgrading to Pro?

I will eventually need to upgrade to Pro if I manage to get some medical problems resolved.

But currently I only see that it charges for yearly subscription for the Pro upgrade.

Is there any way to just pay by the month?

Also… What happens to projects over the 3 available with the Basic Shapr3D App if you cancel your Pro subscription (say that you pay for three months, and then cancel at the end of that 3 months)?


Hey Matthew!

There’s a monthly subscription as well.
Currently we offer 2 PRO subscription options, monthly and yearly.
$299.9 / year ($24.9 / month if paid annually)
$29.9 / month (if paid monthly)

In the app you can find it under “Pricing”, in the “Pro Subscription” section, you just need to switch to the “monthly” tab. https://shapr3d.com/pricing/ or here on the website.

If you decide to cancel your PRO subscription, your previously created workspaces will stay intact, and you will still be able to edit them, however you won’t be able to create new ones, until your workspace number is higher than the free limit. Canceling your PRO subscription won’t result in deleting your over the limit workspaces, but the ability to edit them may change in future releases.

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May I suggest that this “cancel subscription” behaviour is added to a FAQ as well? I have been looking for an answer to this.

Sure, this is a great suggestion, we will add it soon. Thank you!