What’s in store for 2023?

Wondering what’s on your to do lists for Shapr3D this year


Good Question, would like to see more improvements to the Drawing side and being able to add our own backgrounds and materials to the visualization side of Shapr3D.

Much needed!


I wish I could tell you, because it’s going to be awesome - but I can’t. :slight_smile: We have three huge and very secret improvements on the roadmap, and hundreds of smaller ones. One thing I can tell you about is that we are heavily investing in making Drawings much better.


Yes. For interior architectural design it’s hard to work with the standard materials

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I’m sure we are all looking forward to your developments, Shapr3D team :slightly_smiling_face:

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Can’t wait looking forward to it

I am so with you

give us the ability to load custom image textures and we have a tool to 90% replace SketchUp.

Maybe custom section tools, a sun study, and importing textured OBJ - SketchUp Warehouse files.

Boom bye bye SketchUp.

Shapr is what SketchUp tries to be


Being able to draw more fluidly would be great

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