Feature Request List

I absolutely love all the hard work your team has put into Shapr, and it is so useful for my company, and it pushes us forward. I do have a few feature requests while I still have them fresh in my mind.

Custom Textures on Faces. I am very glad for the ability to color objects, but I deal with a lot of wood, and the ability to render wood “textures” would go a long way for us. Additionally, we do table tops, and the ability to chose a picture to flatten onto a face would be used for us as well. It doesn’t have to be high-resolution rendering, since it’s more of a basic visual.

Ability to Choose Point After Disconnecting. When I disconnect two points, I can only choose the point Shapr decides is on top, and I have to move it from where it was in order to see the one below it. I’m not sure of an actual outright solution, but if I could somehow be able to choose one or the other, that’d be great.

Color Option in Drawings. I know it’s been mentioned elsewhere, just the option to show the colors in drawings. I like without colors sometimes.

Preset Drawing Templates. Possibly the ability to create a template, like a logo on the top left? Change the fields on the bottom right? Or even the ability to relocate those fields.

Sketch on Curves. I do channels and tufting on booths, and right now I do the Project trick, where I project the space, add my lines, then project back. This works well for more linear surfaces, but for cones, I wish I could project it where it’s flattened, draw what I need, then project it back onto the cone.

Change Colors on Sketches. This might be more for exporting, but for my 2D, when I can choose different colors, I can do two different tools based on the color of the sketch (DXF). For pictures, if I don’t want a particular line to be showing, changing its color to its surrounding face color would polish it off better.

Sort Designs. The ability to sort designs into folders, or to custom sort them besides be recent. I could always save them onto a computer as an archive and then delete them to reduce clutter, but if I have to pull them back in, might be more work. There are a number of solutions for this one I think, just whichever seems the best solution for you.

That’s all I can think of for now, but this application has come so far, and I absolutely adore it. I never truly liked AutoCAD and being able to draw what I want is amazing for me. Just wanted to put these ideas out there.


HI @eaglekatarina ,

This is a great list, thank you. Regarding textures/materials: we have something in the pipeline that we are super excited about, but I can’t share any further information about it yet :zipper_mouth_face: Stay tuned, something super cool is coming by the end of the year.

I’ve shared this post with our product team, thank you!


Applying textures in a CGI “scene” is one thing. The amount of data needed to actually model textures is quite another problem altogether. Tool and die makers typically outsource texture creation in their molds. It’s done in house only in huge operations. So applying textures to models and bodies in a scene are 2 very different things. Which are we going to see? Simulation or the real thing?

In this case I’m not referring to actual 3D textures, I simply meant pictures of textures (like a picture of wood grain) on a face. Does that make more sense?

Again, I am very happy with what we have so far. It was simply something that would be of value to me if implemented.

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