What? Where is the blue rendering?

You guys did a cool job on the new version. But man, I used to loooove the blueish rendering! Ok, grey is cool also, but a way to change back to blue would be nice!

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  1. Most people hated the blue :frowning:
  2. As we are going to add colors to the app very soon, we had to change the default to a neutral color
  3. The new color gives a strong impression tgat you are using a new version :slight_smile:

I hope you will get used to it - but soon you will be able to set colors.

Nice to know Istvan, thank you!

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This is funny because I used to love the blue too! I can’t believe you got complaints about it. But gray is … fine.

And… the gray rendering presents some trouble for the UI that a didn’t notice with the blue version…

Yes, we are aware of that, and working on a solution.