Where is the colour pallette!

I do like the materials colours and textures, but where is the plain colour pallette yhst I’m used to? Currently stuck with Black as my default drawing colour, can we please get back to simples. How do I change my default colour back and get back to basic colours?


Hello Richard - totally get your frustration. Can you please let me know how your coloring experience has changed?

I understand that the different rendering can cause some performance issues (like in this thread Beta: 5.90 - Tiny fixes all over - #4 by sander), but would love to understand how it causes you frustrations exactly?

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Probably doesn’t help that I haven’t done the tutorial that goes with it, if there is one. I get how you can drag the ball of suitable colour and texture over your component parts to create cool textures and shades, but this is only for a screen shot yes?
So then when I re-enter work space I have the colour from the ball still and no texture, fine. Then somehow I managed to change by accident my default drawing colour, this took a long time to figure out how to get back to near original colour. Also my colour pallette, I don’t know how it works. Was so easy before!

Got it - thanks.

The new color/visualize thing is… for lack of a better word, stupid. You now have to ‘enter visualize’ to color something… then you have to exit, which is not immediately clear how to do. Terrible change. Not pleased at all.


I wouldn’t mind so much if it sat separately to “Visualisation”.


If coloration and visualize are separate functions it would work well in my opinion