Where are the program files located

I have a new PC (Dell Precision) and would like to tell Dell Optimizer to provide maximum resources to Shapr3D. However I am unable to locate the Shapr3D executable. Could you please tell me where the program files are located (full path) I installed using the Windows App store.


I’m seeking the same thing but so I can make a shortcut button to open Shapr3D from my Stream Deck.

@istvan_u_Shapr3D Could you please have this answered. I really would like to allocate maximum resources to S3D whenever I am using it.

Same problem here. I have done a complete search for the executable and CANNOT find it. I’m trying to decide if I want to pay for Shapr3d over Fusion 360 and I can’t even put a shortcut on my desktop. I also need to know the location to set up custom commands for my tablet. Insane that it’s this difficult.

OK. I found a solution to this (for Windows). While the application is running, do the following:

1.) Open up the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc
2.) Click on the details menu on the left side
3.) Scroll down until you find Shapr3D.exe
4.) Right click on this and select “Open file location”

This will open a File Explorer window in the location where the executable is. The executable is Shapr3D.

Open Windows Explorer, go to Programs (not program files) browse all the way down to WindowsApps and again all the way down to the Shapr3D folder.
You might need admin rights or changing authorizations to access WindowsApps.