Why can’t you snap object from imported files?

I’ve imported files from Rhino and I can’t even snap on curves, or even create a face from it. I’m doing architecture so it will be useful instead of only snaping to the grid. The snapping options are limited.

I tried pro version it’s the same so I cancel my membership.
If you have such a feature I will be interested to combine with RHINO or Autocad.

Thank you

Can you elaborate a bit please? What exactly did you import? Can you post a screenshot maybe?

Have you not covered the limited snap abilities of Shapr3d? But please expand on the issue again, Istvan.

? :slight_smile:


I see what you mean. These are not imported as sketches, but as general bodies. We will implement DXF support soon that will allow you to import curves as sketches.

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oohh nice looking forward in can’t wait… :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

So there’s no software able to translate from curves to sketches…? I would to by it if there is…? Thank you

By the way I converted to STEP file from Rhino does it not matter for to convert vector curves into sketch…? Just curious is there another I could process this that I’m not aware of. I tried converting IGes file from Rhino but shape3 doesn’t recognise it.
Should I process from Cad give the best alternative or software to use to convert to sketch lines. Thank you

Unfortunately currently you can’t convert imported geometry to sketches.

Okay I see thank. But you can they other way around…?

Currently it is not possible, but this feature is coming soon.

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