SVG Import

Hey all,
I got a little over the top excited when we could export to SVG, I also thought at the same time we could import SVG files but I don’t seem to be able to?

Can we only export to SVG at this stage, or is there an import SVG function as well?

Hello @Jrad,

Currently, only the export of SVG files is supported.

Hey Peter,
Thanks for the reply, why is this the case if SVG support is already enabled?

Do you know a time frame on SVG imports?

Hi Jrad,

Thanks for the great question. We choose to work on SVG export first because one of the third party libraries we already use for DWG/DXF supports it for export (but unfortunately not for import). With SVG import we need to take into account the different content an SVG file can have like colors, more difficult shapes and need to work on how to turn them into a meaningful sketch within Shapr3D. That said we would like to add SVG import as well, but it is a bit further down the roadmap as the team working on it focuses on delivering a great drawing experience and improving the recently released SVG export.

First, THANK YOU for giving SVG export some TLC. I’ll be strong textkeeping my rather expensive subscription :slight_smile:

Exporting SVG sketches will provide a useful stop-gap path to working with my Shaper Origin

Of course what is really needed is exporting the bounding path enclosing a (flat) plane from a 3D solid. Can you articulate the …cough path forward for this feature?

Kindest Regards,