Archiving/exporting designs

My one year EDU license is almost up and as much as I love the app and what it can do, it’s just too prohibitively expensive to use for a hobbyist who doesn’t make money from 3D printing.

I have years’ worth of designs in Shapr, what’s the best format for exporting everything to a different design tool? I’ll probably move over to Fusion360 (although I’ve not used it before), so what would be the ideal file format to archive all my designs? Step? Iges? I assume STLs will offer limited ability to edit these designs in future.

I may come back to Shapr in future, I just don’t want to lose access to everything I’ve created.

I would say export as at least STEP. I would also say export as x_t, but that will probably get you less mileage.

If you think you might come back to SHAPR, you may want to export as .shapr too.

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Does anyone know if designs get auto-deleted after some time away? I assume that if I come back after some time away with the same account that my designs would still be there?

I don’t know, but I do know that I’ve seen on here multiple times that you can request Spapr support to provide those exports to you if you plan to cancel your subscription.

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If you have Sync turned on, it’s likely you get all the designs back, as we currently have no deletion policy based on time spent away.

If you don’t, your designs will stay as long as you don’t delete the app.

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Thanks for the clarification!