Why some of the tools works randomly?

When drawing a thread, it no longer accepts my full numbers. (previously: angle 1440 height 6) now with the mating thread it only accepts 1440 to 6.01 and now deviates from the drawing.

In addition, the thread was never straight yesterday and deviated from the drawing by 0.01mm from the angle and therefore could not be connected to the body. (bodys with no intersection … blah blah blah)

Today, the thread is again straight, but again can not connect to the body, since now the values ​​are shifted by 0.01 in length … boolean faild …

Of course I can go anywhere to adjust the values, but shifts everything so now and my perfectionism can only live very hard with it.

just now the angle shifted back to the axis and therefore could not be united again …

… and now it works again … and again not … it obviously works randomly …

I’ve already spent more than 3 hours on a thread because I always get another error message although I always do everything exactly the same … again and again … and again


Sorry for the issues. It would be super helpful if you could send the workspace to support@shapr3d.com or post a few screenshots. That would help us a lot in figuring out what’s wrong.

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