Thread issue

I noticed that there is an issue when drawing thread with rounded edges such a G 3/4 inch. I assume that this occurs due to the fact that the radius off the thread touches the neighbouring part. I don’t have any issue with trapezium shaped threads. Is this a bug?

Maybe good to mention how I draw the threads.
I start with the cross section (including top and bottom radius) then I draw the centre line and sweep the contour around it. At last I do the amount of turns and at last the distance.
When the thread overlaps or doesn’t touch there is no issue but when the edges just touch it doesn’t allow me to draw the thread.
How to solve this one?

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Are you drawing standard threads? If so, you can download components from a number of places, but my go-to place is
You search for a part you want, then download the STEP file either into files or directly into Shapr3D.
Then add or subtract as needed.

Hello I do use McMaster and similar other sides too. But in some cases I need to draw special threads. Trapezium works fine but not G threads or similar. Since I also draw for rapid prototyping my threads need to be functional. For thread dimensions I often rely on

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