Having issues subtracting (Boolean error)

Having issues subtracting , or intersecting my primary target object, any help would be wonderful. Anything I try I get the Boolean error or geometry error.
I have made sure all the objects were merged, and tried separate, simply won’t work. I can provide the file if one of admins are able to help out.

Can you post a screenshot or a video of the issue?

Or if you don’t want to share it publicly, then please contact support@shapr3d.com

How was this resolved? Having the same issue with an imported mesh design. Its even showing a different icon on the layers. The plus and minus show fine but no done button.

Sean, while I don’t know your specifics, I had a similar issue. It turned out the object I was subtracting, was protruding ever so slightly out the other side. I increased the far side wall thickness to prevent this, and the “Done” button showed up. Daniel helped me identify this, and the Dev team is aware of the issue. McD

Believe it not I actually found your fixed model still broken, apparently if you review your video , when you subtracted you did it in reverse compared to my video I sent to you. When I attempted it did the same thing. I was finally able to fix my first issue by bringing A new object and adding it then subtracting it as apparently whatever was causing the issue was repaired by adding something else.

Now though the object is unable to be scaled and fails to even send as a STL, I had to export as a IGES to a fresh open file, the. Had to save it from there as a STL. Scaling is still messed up.