Why there is a broken hole in the mesh?

I tried to make a bowl by using Revolve but there is hole in the bottom . But why ?



Can you share a screenshot of the model? Or the workspace itself?


There is no hole in the object. It’s just bad visualization of the software. This will be fixed in the next release.

I have created the same bowl, exported the model to another CAD. The 3D model looks perfect there, so the bowl geometry has no hole. The 3D model is correct, the visualization has a minor bug we will fix shortly.


Thank u for sharing
but I exported the model file to my 3d printing vendor , he said there was a hole on the center of the bottom. and the shape of the hole is irregular not round.

btw when will be the next release ?


The next release is In a few weeks.

Did you export to medium quality STL? Or some other format?

I exported in high-quality STL files, anyway the vendor help to fix it in his 3D print software,

I have another question :when I draw the sketch line and set it as “ horizontal /vertical ‘ and there is a little icon will appear in the middle of the line. But when I need draw another perpendicular line which start point is at that middle of the first line. And the horizontal /vertical icon of the first line will cover the second line’s start control point , which makes me hard to select it and edit. :pensive:IMG_1013

Yeah, it’s a known issue, but than the questions comes: where should that icon be placed? It’s in the center of every line for a reason.

Not ideal, but a workaround is to delete the horizontal constraint (little icon), draw the new line and add it constraint back.

how about add “ property "panel for every element and can be easily managemed.

We have that on the roadmap. But showing “property” for every element is not always a smart thing to do, because the workspace can become extremely crowded.

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one more question : why can not use the “shell” to the object that was created by “loft” ?This object is bigger top and smaller bottom, and I wanna the top face can be moved and make it like plate. IMG_1017

This is a bug. Going to be fixed in the new release.

Wish the new version can be released ASAP. Btw I am from China and can help for Chinese version if need.

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By the way how to create a regular tetrahedron? can you help ?

Here’s a thread about how to create a tetrahedron:

Now (in Shapr3D 2.2.6) it’s very complicated. This will be super easy in the new version (Shapr3D 3.0). We’ll have a new tool for this.

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Thank you very much. Wish 3.0 will be released soon.