Why why why?

it just some simple squares

Because the body would be non-manifold: https://support.transmagic.com/hc/en-us/articles/205619245-What-is-Non-Manifold-and-Manifold-Geometry

To fix it, either extrude the squares separately, so that they don’t make a single body, or disconnect the problematic corner.

this is ridiculous due to the frustrating sketching system, this would be a huge amount of work, and if I have to change it one by one manually on the 2D sketches, what’s the point of importing DWG files? honestly, the more user-friendly solution is to build the shape first and notice where would be invalid and let me correct it in the 3D world.

And see this, it works magically sometime but not all the time.

Now it is nearly impossible to build a 3D QR code in this app, and by the way, the snaping function can’t be turned off in the newest mac version.