Window Selection Option

Loved my first test of the macOS app today, can’t wait to see how it evolves :slight_smile:

One thing that I’m really missing, and I think this probably applies to the iPad app, is the ability to do ‘window selections’. You can see an example of how sketchup (or loads of other 3D tools) handle this here (from 5 minutes 15 seconds onward). I really can’t see how the desktop app can avoid adding this functionality, but it would be super useful on iPad too!

Keep up the great work, sorry if this request has been made before.

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Yeah, window and crossing selections would be essential to speed up the workflow.
We have that in Rhino (and AutoCAD) as well.


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Yes, improved selection is on the roadmap, the 1.0 release will have it.


Thanks Istvan, in the iOS app as well?

Yes, we will keep the two apps feature par as much as possible.


Thanks Istvan, is this available on iPad now then? As I see the mac app is now on v 4.4.2 :slight_smile:

Hello - it is already available on iPad as well