Windows Mac design space menus

Good day. I’m in my 14 day trial and noted that my interface seems different then the vids I’m seeing. I have no menu on the right side of the screen, I would like to Lock, constrain and or make items symmetrical, however the menu is not available. Is this side menu not available in windows???

Thank you


Hi JNel,
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If you’re in sketch-mode, the constrain-menu should pop up automatically - even on Windows (mine does it).
Cheers Matt


The availability of the side menu can depend on the screen size and resolution. When there is not enough space for it to fit the screen, it goes under the “More” menu on the left side of the screen.

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Hey there Lac_K… You were 100% correct I was working at a screen size of 150%. I dropped it to 125% and nothing happened. However… I dropped it to 100% and Bingo… All the stuff on the right side showed up. Good Job Bro!

Thank you for the guidance Sir!