Is constraints missing in the windows version?

Hey Everybody,

Trying to get started on the windows version to see if there is a product we can use across platforms, but am getting stuck in the tutorial… Is the constraints menu not working in windows?

My resolution is 3840x2160 and Im on version 5.282.4545.0 #7f981bcb

I cant seem to make the constraints meny show up with any of the selections, but ellipse will give me options to delete constraints if I doink around enough.


I guess you have windows scaling turned on. In this case, the Constraints menu doesn’t have enough available space to fit the screen, so it goes under the “More” menu on the left side.

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Hi Laci – Thanks, but that doesnt seem to help. Maximized or scaled, I dont get constraints.

Could you open a support ticket, send in the workspace, and some details? Especially OS version, screen resolution, scaling setting, and app version. Thanks!