Wing mould

The wing span of the model will 2310 mm.


Great work. Did you used replace face command??

Most of loft, subtract, project tools

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between work

What machine accepts a mold like that? Just curious. I designed/built the controls for a Titanium powder injection mold machine. It was supposed to be a one-off for testing the powder formulations. It ended up being a production machine sold with the patented powder formulation. The mold injected parts are baked into Titanium parts in a vacuum furnace. Much savings in the reduction in machining the entire part.

These are press molds for hand laminating, with rohacell core or silicon rubber inside.
Here is my tailplane mould with rohacell core after the openig:

This is my fuselage mould, and parts with silicon core , using the thermal expansion of the silicon core,

All moulds designed by S3D, (can be see in another topics)


Very cool. Excellent work. Hobby?

Yes, hobby .
Free flight model aircraft- gliders , FAI category F1A🙃