Rotate grain of wood in material rendering

The problem that this feature will solve: the inability to control the direction of wood grain when rendering with materials

Expected outcomes: More realistic pattern for rendering by changing direction of wood along with aesthetic presentation to clients. The rendering settings for wood should include a slider that has angle/direction as the indicator for the wood grain orientation


I think a previous post from the team mentioned that this is on the todo list.

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This is a feature which many people are hoping for. It was supposed to be released over 6 month ago (if no unexpected problems emerged). By now, I think it’s safe to assume that unexpected problems did emerge^^ I just wish we had some more information about the progress!


Yes, we’ve run into performance problems, that required more significant changes under the hood. We estimate that material orientation will be available in 5.310 or 5.320, in 5-7 weeks.


Any update on this?

Surely it’s not too hard to sort out… :pray:

I would guess it will be worth the wait :+1:

/cricket sounds

Anything to add? This is a very basic function and visualization has been out for more than a year… not to mention how many times it was requested by probably hundreds of users. :disappointed:


End grain texturing would also be great (I sometimes design end grain cutting boards with shapr3d and the previews leave much to be desired)

Any updates on rotating woodgrain rendering? It is becoming an issue now for my business. I do like Shapr3D and don’t want to have to start with new software but this limitation is causing me to consider other packages.

The wait is soon over, woodgrain orientation will be introduced next week! :slight_smile:

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Hope they do it better as actually in the Windows-Version (Auto-Rotate)

What do you mean? How does it work in the Windows version?

You can check the Box an then it aligns the Textur to the Surfaces, but not always as you Whish


I just had the pleasure of using the new visualization features for wood textures. THANK YOU for updating this feature so that we can rotate the wood grain direction on 3 axis so that the image makes more sense. BIG improvement, again THANK YOU!

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