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Hi, This is my first time using this software, and using any software for drawing. I made a drawing of a custom bookcase that is on hidden sliders for a hidden area behind and entertainment center. I have the drawing that I want and have figured most of what I wanted to do out.
But How can I export it to print with the dimensions kind of like blue printing. The only thing that I have figured out is to save a a JPEG and then mark the jpeg up with measurements.
I used the function of the construction lines but I cant figure out how to make the measurements visible.
TIA and I am looking forward to many years of using this software.

PS, I am only using it on my IPad Pro right now so it may be different with a pc. But I did this drawing at the site to show my carpenters and the client.

Hi @RAVGAV Welcome to the Forum :sunglasses:
Easy enough in 2D.
This has extra Lines added to make dimensioning easy for the centres of mainly circles:

To maintain the visibility of the dimensions Tap the Dimension to display the pop up > hit the Black Padlock Icon > hit the Green Tick to finish. It can be unlocked, from locked, by hitting a Red Padlock Icon. Also you can change the Dimension by Typing in the detail needed:

You could create a Projected Drawing all on the same Plane and then repeat the above process for all the dimensions needed.

Happy S3Ding :sunglasses:

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