Workspace won't load models

I have three models I’ve created that I can see as 3 workspace files. As I was working on one of them, I went to the “Workspace” page and when I went back in the file is blank. There isn’t even any grid showing up. This is common to all 3 models now. They are there in the workspace page but don’t show up to try and work on again. I’ve tried zooming in to see if the grid appears at some point, but it doesn’t.

Everything is good again. I went into Workspace and created a new model. It had no grid either. I started zooming and it crashed out of the program. When I went back in the grid was there. Now the other 3 models open fine. Strange, but OK now.

Ewww, that’s ugly. We will review the workspace loading code.

Getting worse now. Made a 4th model and every one disappeared. Shut down the iPad and started it up again. I could now bring up the original 3 models, but when they come up I have to zoom in and out and hunt all over the place to find them. The 4th model I created shows in the Workspace panel, but the only thing I can find is one small curve. The rest seems to be gone, but still shows in the Workspace panel.

Loading it, here is what I get:

After hunting around, I can find this:

That’s really weird. Can you export a problematic workspace to STEP and send it to me?

How do I send you a file?

Just send it to

Feb '16? Seems to be a still remaing problem.

Could all this have to do with CLOUD saving. I.e. simply an issue with the apps requests crashing with simultaneous cloud saving requests.
I do not personally have the iCloud engaged at all.

Here’s two of my workspaces with lost imported step files as well as my crashed sketch with lines and curves gone bonkers. There is a visible darker blue patch but the whole workspace is blued.
Are we sure this is not a saving feature problem? Really!

Can you send the .shapr files to

Istvan, unfortunately I just gave up and uninstalled the app and reinstalled so file is history.
Mentioned it in another post.