Would love to see a 2D export format, too

UPDATE: drawings are finally here: 4.0 - 2D drawings + new pricing

I’d love to see a 2D export format like DWG/DXF for compatibility with my CAM software - Vcarve pro. STLs do really well for 3D milling, but for stuff that is 2.5D having a 2d format would be helpful.

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I created the fern here as just a 2D sketch, and then took it to Vcarve and used the outline of the STL for toolpathing. Still, auto tracing the STL didn’t work too cleanly, and that makes it a bit hard to design some part where accuracy matters.

Wouldn’t IGES or STEP work for that?

I’m excited to try shapr3d to produced house remodeling on complex slope. It looks to have less distracting Issues than solid works and simpler input interface. Plus can take it to the site and readily create the design.

However I’m at a loss how to translate the 3D model to crossectional and engineering drawings. Is there another tool to translate the step to 2d engineering prints?

Hi, in Shapr currently we don’t support that. But such developments are on the roadmap for next year.

Complicated 2-D step imports tend to throw Shapr3d into a “calculating” loop…

I did a 2-D of extruded aluminum but shapr3d fusses when I extrude it…

We improved this a lot in 2.0.

UPDATE: drawings are finally here: 4.0 - 2D drawings + new pricing