Write letters and numbers?

Hi, are there any way that i can put letters in my design and subtract it so it will be engraved in my item? :slight_smile:

its hard to draw letters by hand, any guides/howtoes for that?

Hi Ulven, a workaround will be to draw the letters in a drawing app like Concepts, Procreate and then import the sketch into the app in DWG/DXF formats.
Attached is also a workspace with sketched alphabets - If these will work for you then simply import the workspace and Project the alphabets you want to your design.

Alphabet.shapr (664 KB)


You could do a search of this forum for ‘Lettering’ or ‘Numerals’.
There is a variety of Sizes in Upper and Lowercase.
Many of these were created using S3D, the latter is multi talented.
If you can Sketch in S3D then you can create Lettering in S3D.
Decide on the Outer Dimensions and Width of the Straights and Curves of the Letters.
Many basic layouts of some Letters can easily be adapted to several other Letters.
With practice it can take only 10 minutes or so to produce the entire Alphabet.
If you only need a few different Letters then it is definitely the way to go.
Tip: the Grid is your friend, start BIG and the Scale down to the size you need.
Happy S3Ding.

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Hi guys
I used Tinkercad site then saved to downloads, after that opened the app and then opened files in app and imported text. Tinkercad very good

The file mentioned above works GREAT!! THANKS!!!

Hi! Thank you for the file containing the letters. For some reason, I’m missing the capital A,B,C,D, and E. Did I do something wrong? THANKS!
I just figured it out—-those letters made a random layer because they imported too closely to the actual part. Once I moved the part, all of the letter imported perfectly.

Hi, I apologize for the late comeback and it’s great to know that you could find a way around it.