Adding Text

Is there a way to add text to a drawing?

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Software that handles .dxf Files could enable Typing in the Desired Text and then the File produced can be imported into S3D.
If you do not have access to suitable Software on your Devices there are Free On-Line Services available.

Alternatively you could:

Create your own using Sketch, it may seem daunting but with practice it may be possible to produce a complete geometric Alphabet in less than 15 minutes by setting up guidelines beforehand.
There are many repetition possibilities, of individual Curves, and by copying these to every applicable Character it may be possible to complete the same task in under 10 minutes.

Search the Forum for alternatives.
One such Thread is:

The disadvantage of these alternatives is the manipulation of individual Characters, remembering that some Lower Case Letters/Symbols, e.g., i are composed of two parts.
The DXF method requires thought regarding Composition so that on Import movement and adjustments are minimised. Firstly experiment by Importing single words until you find the best options.

Text is an often requested feature on this Forum.

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