XYZ and orientation when importing geometry into Nomad

Dear all,

So it’s pretty well known that there are issues when importing data in to Nomad Sculpt out of Shaper3D. I don’t know if this is a Nomad issue or a Shaper3d issue to be honest.

But, is there anything we can do about it? does anyone know.

(basically when you import in to Nomad, the model is hella off axis and harder to work with).

many thanks

Hey! Thanks for the report. What format do you use for the transfer? Is there a chance you could share your design (both in Shapr3D and in the transfer format you are using) here or by opening a ticket for our support team at

Different apps use different World Axis cordination
Shapr3D like many other CAD apps is Z-up. Nomad is Y-up

You can flip the model so Y is up before exporting…

Nomad should add a flip world axis in their import menu.

A 3D printer has Z-up. Same with CNC and lasercutters.
I have no clue why Modeling apps for games and animation started using Y-Up.

JigSpace and Reality Composer also use Y-up.

I think it depends on from what backround the app is made for/from.
Gaming and animation = Y-up
CAD and manufacturing = Z-up

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