Units & Grid Mismatch


My units are set to Decimal Inch. Yet the grid is in 1/12; 1/24, etc… I drew a line between grid points and this is indeed the case.

It would seem to me that the 1 in. Grid should be subdivided into 10 x 10?

Is this a bug or am I unclear on the concept? BTW I worked in Europe for several years and am familiar with metric and 1st vs 3rd angle projection difference.




The Foot & Inch format doesn’t change the grid. It shouldn’t. The grid for Inch / Foot is 12x12, only the format representation changes when you switch from Decimal to Fractional.


I am not sure what you mean by Format Representation — display of 1/2 vs 0.5 in the length dialog.

I realize that this is a mixed case compared to say Metric. But designing in Decimal Inches and having the grid snap to say 1/12s is useless. It is even useless for traditional foot / inch where the inch is broken up into 1/8s, 1/16, etc. not 1/12. If I understand you correctly.

By useless, I mean in terms of the grid enabling design. There could also be other issues further down stream when people measure parts…

Ss1&2 are from the atypical Engineers Decimal inch tape.

Ss3 is a normal foot/ inch tape: nothing but divisions by 2; 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, etc.

I have not worked with the other formats except some tests in mm so I may not understand this LOL.