Using Fractional Units [?]

I only started using Shapr3D last night, so please forgive me if I have overlooked a feature:

I am trying to re-draw some engineering components, which were designed and drawn in fractional units [which is a not-uncommon situation]. Obviously I can convert all the dimensions to decimal inches, but the real problem became evident the moment I tried to draw something 5/16"
5/16" is 0.3125" … but Shapr3D only appears to work to three places of decimals !

The ideal, of course, would be have ‘base 2’ dimensioning available [with a grid to match] … but that may too much to ask.

My current ‘best workaround’ is to scale my drawings x1000 so that I am thinking/working in ‘thou’. … This is logically sound, but rather cumbersome: Can anyone suggest a better way of working ?

Thanks for looking

It’s a known issue.

We have this on the roadmap.

In fact, we are planning to add this “fractions feature” + better inch grid with the next major release (version 3.0).

I can’t ask for more than that !!
… Many thanks for the prompt & helpful reply.

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You’re welcome. :slight_smile: