0.30 - Step-ups for 2D drawings

Hi everyone :rocket:

Bit by bit, we’re shaping up geometries for 2D drawings. Pinpoint and place center marks, 2-point and 3-point circular centerlines, and intersection marks to add all the fine details and references.

Other than that, here’s what’s in store for you in 0.30:

  • New: Pick up another boost for mouse users. Any selected sketch tool will stay active even after you finish drawing a line, spline, or shape. So, you can sketch in one sitting without interruption.
  • New: We added some more keyboard shortcuts for 2D drawings. Head on over to this article for the details.
  • New: You can display touch and stylus input, mouse clicks, and key presses by adjusting the app settings.

    Keep this in mind the next time you send screenshots and recordings to the Shapr3D support team!
  • Fixed: We red-penciled the backend so when you’re sketching circles, the centers won’t jump around in the design space.
  • Fixed: Sometimes the dimension labels would flicker during sketching or refuse to display the numpad for editing, so we came down hard on that headache-inducing glitch.
  • Fixed: We reworked the onboarding tutorial so you can have a smoother, crash-free experience.

Just in case anyone else has an issue…

Update didn’t come through automatically for me. I had to manually open the Microsoft Store, but wasn’t able to select anything besides “Get” (but it indicated there was no viable device). Had to remove my account under Windows Settings “Email & accounts”, then re-add it, then open the Store again and then was able to select “Update” from the three dot dropdown.

Looking forward to that standalone installer mentioned :stuck_out_tongue: