4.12 - Step-ups for 2D drawings

Hi everyone :wave:

Bit by bit, we’re shaping up geometries for 2D drawings. Pinpoint and place center marks, 2-point and 3-point circular centerlines, and intersection marks to add all the fine details and references. Then, select and edit the geometries in bulk.

Other than that, here’s what’s in store for you in 4.12:

  • Improved: We brushed up section views in 2D drawings, so all projected edges in views are accurately displayed.
  • Fixed: After you finish using the Trim and Offset Edge tools, you can drop the tools by right-clicking the mouse. The Sketch menu will still be on screen.
  • Fixed: We reworked the onboarding tutorial for mouse and trackpad users, so you can have a smoother, better experience.
  • Fixed: We red-penciled the backend for the iPad version so if you’re using iPadOS 15, the multitasking menu won’t block you from hiding and unhiding the sketching and modeling tools’ on-screen instructions. And, we sorted out a small bug that stopped the Command key from opening the list of keyboard shortcuts.
  • Fixed: If you’re a Mac user, keyboard presses will work now when you’re swapping spline types while sketching. On top of that, when you go to the menu bar and select Tools > Chamfer/Fillet > Chamfer > 2 Distances, the app won’t misbehave anymore; it’ll activate the 2-distance chamfering tool.

More geometries! Yes!


Are detail views next….? :pleading_face:

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Nice Work on the new additions

Not yet, but the detail view is the third item on our list for drawings :wink:
Meanwhile stay tuned because first, you will be able to edit the title block, then we will allow you to add size tolerances to the dimensions.


These will be very welcome additions

Thanks for all the work, especially on the 2D Drawings! Will additional sheet scales be added? (Like 1/4”=1’)

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Will there be added support for sheet templates, I.e. being able to import a template or even creating your own format, in the future?

Hey Heyward! What details would you need to specify in a sheet template, what details you want to reuse?

Hey John! We definitely plan adding more incremental sheet scaling, but my current understanding is that we don’t have this kind of scaling among our plans. But let me add a question if you don’t mind, do you work on architectural designs?

Something like this, where I can import a heading and information for a class, or for anyone with specific design drawing requirements. It would function like a normal Shapr3D drawing, but with editable text boxes at the bottom.

Thanks Zoltan, that’d be great! And yes I have been using Shapr3D for architectural designs. I use ArchiCad at work, but am trying to cobble together a workflow with Shapr for side projects. I’ve found a way to use Affinity Designer to continue to mark up the PDF’s Shapr puts out. I spoke to another user on here who does something similar with the Concepts App for the time being.

Thanks Heyward, and also for the example you added.
By editable boxes do you mean editing the content of the boxes, or editing the boxes themselves (like order, position, size, &c.) as well?

Thanks for the info John. May I ask what additional markups do you usually add to the drawings in Affinity that you cannot add in Shapr?

Either would work in my opinion. If it were me I would maybe include that under two separate features that would coincide with each other. An option for a custom drawing template and an option for adding + editing text boxes. That way you wouldn’t need to recognize the drawing templates boxes but instead have the user drag and drop text on top of the drawing (onto a top layer) if that makes sense.

Also I greatly appreciate the help!

Company masthead would be nice>…………

Yes! Scale increments please!

Hey Madman, we are actively working on an updated title block which will provide space for company information on drawings.
Stay tuned and all the best,

Is the bug with the grid being ‘off’ fixed? It seems to be but it isn’t listed in the release notes.

Thank you

Thank you for your time.