1 finger horizontal movements do not spin design on Z axis, spins it counter/clockwise!

I’m so frustrated all the sudden that cannot even navigate around my design. I’m about ready to give up. I just don’t understand and feel like an idiot…

I even watched the very introductory video on “Navigation” it clearly shows the person using 1 finger to rotate the design horizontally (as if you are walking around it). But when I do that EXACT finger movement, it spins the whole design around in a counter/clockwise like motion, which seems very disorienting. I cannot seem to make it do the simplest of rotations… like if the object was sitting on the table and you want to just spin it around 360 degrees.

I’m going out of my mind over here. I SWEAR the first few designs I did it was fine, but now either I completely unlearned something or I hit a setting I cannot figure out… or I’m just an idiot, but either way if I don’t figure this out, I’m done with 3Dshapr. It’s unusable in this state.


The camera orbits around the up vector, which is defined by the grid’s orientation. Try to move your fingers in both directions to get the hang of the movement.