Rotate workspace inspect object changes

Windows version: In the design window with the orientation cube in the upper right corner I must be hitting a hotkey that changes the way it works. Normally the Shift key and right mouse button allows me to rotate the design object horizontally and vertical with a lot of control, then something happens and it rotates from a center pivot point that feels like driving a car on an icy road with very little control. I have tried double tapping Shift, Ctrl, and many other things to go back to a normal configuration. Nope.
How do I fix this?

Hey @Artizonia,

The pivot point of the camera rotation is fixed, but the entire camera movement is depending on the Z axis. If your model is oriented in a way that the Z axis points in any direction that is not upwards, camera movements may feel strange.

Can you upload a video about how it works on your side?

Hi, Interesting. I used the Move/Rotate for a 90 degree adjustment and it corrected the strange movements. With this discover In combination with your explanation has solved my problem.

This problem interferred with my ability to do design work., It was a big deal.

Thanks for your help. Best Regards, Wayne