£150 - £200 3D Printer?

Can anyone suggest a good 3D Printer for under £200 please? That I can connect to via Wi-Fi as obviously the crap that is IPad pro can’t take memory stick. Thank you.

Hello ricko3k ,

in amazon you will find a good variety of printers, but the price you are looking for you have to go to 3D printers which you have to assemble, such as:

Anet A8 Impresora 3D Escritorio DIY Kit


Geeetech® Prusa I3 Pro B Kit

GEEETECH A10 Prusa I3 Kit

I started with a # Geeetech® Prusa I3 Pro B Kit and learned all its operation. and with these geeetech printers they have the wifi supplement that is purchased separately.

I personally recommend that you buy one of these to begin with. Or wait for you and buy an assembled one but the average price is higher

I hope I’ve helped
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Thankyou very much Sir.

Please no Anet A8!! It’s better go for Ender 3.

For me the best is the Prusa I3 MK3S. And I would never recommend geeetech for 3D printers, for filament is ok.

I had Anet A8, I own MK3S (far above the budget) and recently get Ender 3.

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I will have a good look at it. Thank you.

Thank you.

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