3D Printing company

I do not own a 3D printer. Does anyone know a company that will print inexpensively???

Where are you located? How large is the object? Prototype or useful object? i.e.: FDM or Resin?

Depending on what you need, someone here might do it for you depending on project size, material, your rights to use the design etc.

I’m on the West coast US. If it isn’t terribly big and no other major constraints you can PM me.

Some Libraries and tech museums have free (or low cost) access to 3D printers. You could also see if you can find a coworking space or common workshop nearby that has 3D printers.

I used to use Shapeways, but they started getting expensive.

My work is simple. Largest size is 4.5 inches. It is two parts where one fits into the other. I will send you the .stl file, and let me know what you think.

Export to 3MF. if you can. It’s a better format that includes unit data. PM me and I will send my email.

I am ready to send….

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