2-dimensions positioning

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First of all, thank you Shapr3D for the amazing work, we’re finally seeing a gr8 cad solution for iPads, kudos!

I dunno if I’m the only one working this way but coming from the Solidworks world I tend to ever try to “fully define” each of my object details. How can I simply add 2 dimensioning arrows (vertical + horizontal) to a point? Said with an example you sketch 2 circles, fix one and try to position the 2nd by placing an x and a y dimension.

One of’em is easy: take the 2 centers and select vertical or horizontal dimension. But how about the additional to fully define the position of the 2nd circle?

I know there are ever workarounds, but this simple functionality IMHO is a must to any CAD.

I might be too stupid but I can’t intuitively find this out, any thoughts?

Bests & long life to S3D

Hi there,

Am I the only one to have a need for dual dimensions constraints/positioning?
How can I make sure that (for example) my 5mm diameter hole is and remains 10mm away from 2 borders?

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In this case, select the center of the circle, and the side you want to keep the distance fixed from, set the desired distance, then repeat it with the other side. When you manually set the distance, you will see a small “lock” sign, showing that the distance is set and locked. Here is a short video:

Hello Lacy, thank you very much for your support. I indeed knew my example would be bad with a rectangle, my apos for the confusion. What I’m trying to do is position a circle at a predefined x and y distance from the center of another circle because these are “hanging” points for the rest of my drawing. I don’t want to lock the center of the 2 because the dimensions will have to remain adjustable. I‘m surprised to have to choose only one of 3 on the center dimensions of a circle. Do you see something I missed?


You can always unlock dimensions if you want to change them later, it’s just there so you won’t accidentally change them when you don’t want to.

You can lock both horizontal and vertical distance, as well as absolute:

I hope it helps.

Dear Laci,

I‘m confused that this does not work as expected on my ipad. The simple fact to adjust a dim constraint from vert to hor drops the previous one.
Have you tried to move your circles in both x G y directions after adjusting the constraint?

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You are right, currently we only keep the last applied constraint.

Thank you Laci,
Do you have a feature request list? I am convinced that a dimensioning constraint would be a quick-win for this product.



You can always request a feature, we will add it to our list :slight_smile: